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  • Marji,

    bei the wai i would love u to join our group TLC4u

    when u get a chance come on over and check us out.

  • awe u are so sweet, gosh i havent been home or where i was born in ages, orange counti is familiar but goshen and warwick - how far is that from peekskill?? I cant picture where that is right now. Can u give me some more info.

    Thanks about me book - i will let u know as soon as i have sent it to the self-publishing compani, it will self-published.

    eah real sorri about the missing letters and i need a new pc, I will have to bui one soon. One thinks i dont know how to spell, but me pc is messed up. Roalli in bad shape.

  • awe thanks for the beautifl comment on me page. sorri me computer is missing letters, i need a new one. wow uu are in the hudson vallei - where?? I am originalli from peekskill, new york.

    awe yeah i wish to have a best selling book, lets see i am going to fnally self-publish today, i didnt update my site but it will be self-published today finalli after 4 years.

    its so nice meeting you.

  • I noticed you spoke there -very cool. I missed the conference. I am in Cambridge, sometimes in Maine. Many blessings and hoping our paths keep crossing!
  • I am an unschooler and saw your post in parenting from source, so I was called to add you!
  • I so enjoyed our wonderful chat yesterday--especially expressing how I feel that I've been posting to Parenting from Source and The Venus Factor all morning!

    I know that you are also a member of Parenting from Source--but I am not so sure about The Venus Factor. If you want a glimpse into exactly what my issues are--you might want to read them!

    And if you know of any simple solutions (like the 2 choice technique that we discussed yesterday) that might improve the situation--I would REALLY appreciate it if you would let me know!!!

    I would also like to improve my perspective on these issues as well--and would appreciate help with that as well.

    As you get the chance of course!

  • We must be in sinc, because I was just replying to your post in the parenting group as you were posting on my page! Thanks so much for your encouraging and kind words.

    I have been working on a similiar issue with my homebased business and I've just been changing my thinking a little more all the time and now people are more interested. It really helped me to get clear on my end result and then the action, of course, comes much easier. And feel like the successful person that I know I can be - as you can be too!

    It's great to have you as a friend!
    xo, kirsten
  • Hi Marji,
    Welcome to Powerful Intentions! Hope you'll add me as a friend. :) Looking forward to connecting more in the future. Hope you're having an amazing week!
    Prosperity & Light,

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  • Hey Marji, i wish you the best on your venture too! Good luck ,Joey
  • Thank you so much Marji for giving me some hope!!!

    I feel a lot of relief--and have already started making a few minor changes!

    Thanks again,
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