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  • Hi again,
    I'm hoping you will check out my LifeWave web page since you promote natural healing (which is excellent). Please check out my page on this site and follow the link to

  • Thank you for the information. I will check it out.
  • Hello Marlene: Thank you for introducing yourself. OMG U just might be the answer to my prayers. I have FMS (fibromyalgia syndrome) I have cronic pain. My husband has pain all over from arthritis and blown dics. I would be willing to give anything a try at this point for both of us. Thanks so much. I saw your ad clips andwas interested in what it was about. I have subscribed already.
  • Thanks for the welcome. What a beautiful picture:)
  • Hi Marlene I really have enjoyed your website. Especially the spiritual dimension. I would be honored to have your comments about my new website where I am trying to promote a different view of EFT. Please join me. Fritz m
  • Hiya Marlene,

    Thankyou so much for the post you put on my page. You have no idea how fantastic your timing is. I asked the universe for help, and I got your message as my answer - Thankyou! :D

    I look forward to getting to know you better and learning more about EFT.

    Peace, Joy and Love,
  • Thank you for the welcome message. Oh yes.... I love EFT and use it daily. LOA & EFT (and my company) are the best things I've gotten in the last few years. I feel very much aligned after so many years.

    I'll check out your sight.... group.

    Many Thanks,
  • Oh yes, I guess I did that. Okay, will be joining here, thanks!
  • You are so generous, EFT is SOME TOOL! I wish people woud join you, I mean everybody. I am going to do that right now. Thank you dear for your present on my page. I'm busy cause my work has been delayed, I had a virus for the first time in my whole life. Changes??????? hmmm....
    I'll use and abuse your generosity, and hope to be abe to give you back part of my spritual package,
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