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  • Marlene - I like the photo you posted on Heather M's page. (-: Blessings & Miracles to You!!!
  • Hi Marlene!!!
    I was thinking that we were friends on JasonsNetwork as well!!!
    it's nice to see you here!
    Have a fantastic weekend,
  • Thank You for your message. I am an EFT practitioner. Blessings, Love and Peace. ce/Moonlight
  • Hi Marlene,

    Somehow I missed that you had left a message on my page. WOW! You were sent to me buy the universe!!! I have a 5 yr old ( smiley boy in my photo) who has been diagnosed with "autism". I have been on a quest ( already 4 years into it) to heal this child. Through many interventions of my own finding, he is well on his way!! One of the things that I've read about is EFT. I am hoping that you can give me some strategies, techniques to help heal him even more.
    I will be anxiously waiting to hear from you!!

  • Thank you Marlene...
    EFT is a wonderful technique...
    I have a lot to learn from you..
  • Hey Marlene! Thanks for stopping by my page. I've been offline because of my performance schedule. I will take a look at EFT when I return from Kansas on the 21st of November.

    Meanwhile! Keep love foremost on your mind and in your life.

    Spooky Cool
    Your Friend in the Spiritual Age

  • Marlene -

    Thanks for the invite!! I'm excitied!

    BLESSINGS and peace to you -

  • Hi Marlene! Thanks for the tips, that was very intersting reading, something I will follow up on here in Sweden. Have already found a couple of pratitioners and left a few messages. Am very drawn to energy of all kinds and the way it affects the body and mind, we have a lot to learn there as a race I think.
    Love and joy
  • Hi Marlene;

    Sending you Light, Love and Hope always

  • Hi Marlene,

    What a beautiful page.

    For of love and light

    Best wishes
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