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  • Kia ora Secret Sunday, don't dispair cos Lovey is here! Could you at least start 'Tapping' your feet or 'Tap' just under your eyes?...I bet yah - you'd start to 'Feel Something Neat Happening'... and then you'll start to ' Feel How Good It Is To Smile'... then you'll begin to take 'Control'...and then move on and 'Tap' someone else! Kia ora!!!
  • Kia ora Marlene, "God knows a way where there isn't one!"...and I'm truely grateful to finding you and what is on offer. I can see so many communities learning alot with themselves from the use of 'EFT' with the aim of improving society issues in everyday lives. To me it's definately a big holistic come back, in a big way. My gratitude to Gary and his wonderful team is tap, tap, 'Tapping' - in all the right places! KIA ORA!!!! - thank-you!!!!
  • Thank you Marlene I will certainly check this out

    Thanks again

  • Hi Marlene,
    thank you for your msg! Good luck with all you do!
  • Hi Marlene,
    Thank you for letting me know about your group - I joined it today. By the way, my holistic directory has a EFT as a practitioner search on our menu. Take a look
  • Thanks for sharing, I will check it out and if possible I will sign up. Be blessed and have a great new week a head!

    Keep your sense of proportion by regularly, preferably daily,
    visiting the natural world. I've always regarded nature as the clothing of God.
    All The Best
    Steven, Eyes on nature expeditions
  • Thanks for your invitation. I have seen the EFT video a while ago and thought it may help me, I went to a practitioner to help me with my anxiety attacks, but he actually made me worse and not better!! So I steer clear of such things now. It would have been lovely if it had worked, but after 2 hours and £60 later, I left feeling drained and subsequent weeks of heightened anxiety. Maybe it was the practitioner!
    Thanks again.
  • Hello Marlene! I watched the video you posted on EFT. I'm fascinated! I'm off to your website to learn more!

    Blessings of love and light to you friend!

  • Hello Marlene Thank you for the video and for the invitation to join your group. I am currently very busy. As soon as I have some free time I will check it out. Thanks Lissa
  • Hi, Marlene. Thank you for the invitation and lovely welcome! Nice to meet you!
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