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  • In the Hawaiian Shaman tradition I work with the first principle is that the world is what you think it is. Part of this means that life is a dream that we are imagining into existence. The understanding is that we can learn to dream it consciously and influence the experience that we have here. This is but one of many dreams that we are having at the same time :)

  • Is life a dream?? In my opinion, life is the dream you're having from your soul body.   Your soul is the real you, the body is just a suit your soul wears.  So in my opinion yes life is a dream

  • You're welcome!!

  • Wow just watched the film I origins and I decided to go on this website (I haven't been on for a few weeks) and your icon is the eye from the film! Thank you for that lovely synchronicity x
  • Hi May,

    I am Richard living in wonderful Switzerland and experiencing since so many years the most wonderful outcome, manifestations of Love of that most wonderful Law which now is working since time began. It really is so easy to fall in love with this Law, it is incredible to an outsider, it is incredible to the plain materialist - because this Law produces matter for us .. in such wonderful ways .. You want to know more of how I experienced this wonderful Law ? just get in touch with me. - Richard

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