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  • Hi Melissa, thanks for the welcome! I hope to get to know you :)
  • Thank You Melissa. I am not sure what is required of me. I have read the secret and I am very interested in the law of attraction.
    Love Dawn
  • Hi Melissa! I did have an amazing week, thank you! I hope yours was great also. I have a flower garden that I am obsessive about and all the pretty colors really keeps me feeling great! hope to hear from you soon! Many Blessings...
  • Hi!

    Thank you for your kind concern. I pray for good things to continue and more to come!

  • I added you as a friend.
  • Delighted to connect more, thankyou

    Neil x
  • I am looking for the button to become friends. But i don't understand it yet.
  • wow Melissa..i m honoured to be ur friend.
    i hv been pulled to this website just like tat wen i was feeling really lousy.i m glad that i hav many friends here.
    tho i hav only 5 more months to complete my sales target..( i have done only 1/3 of it till today) i know i will complete it.
    i need all ur prayers n words of encouragement to keep me going. thanks my dear.
  • Thanks Melissa,

    Haven't been folowing the website in the last weeek due to slow internet access. Thank you. Please add me as your friend.

  • ((Melissa)) thank you - I am honored to be your friend!
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