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  • Hi Melissa, thank you for your comment, brand new here just trying to understand and get a feeling for the sight. So happy you are doing so good, And you are happy and enjoying life. I am just starting out, been leaning alot now have to start applying it.
  • thank you for your comment. I see you in to direct marketing networks.
    could you advise me how I could better market my porcelain bowls. I produce more than I am currently able to sell my work has been bought by a museum so I am good.
    I would like to be selling 10 bowls a day.
  • Hi Melissa Thank you for your warm hearted welcome. Of course I will add you as a friend and I'm really delighted for that. Thank God I had a wonderful weekend with a wonderful group and as you said looking forward to a properous week. Have a wonderful and enjoyable time. Thanks again Zeinab
  • Hi Melissa,

    Many thanks for the comment. It's great to have you as a friend.

    Have a fantastic weekend.

    Stu :-)
  • Hi melissa, thanks for the message. Looks like life is going wondefful for you, happy to have you as a friend. Rupert
  • Hello Melissa, Very happy for you and sending lots of greetings and love from Europe!

    Love, Light, Peace and Silence.
    Comdr * LightSpeed *
  • Thank You very much melissa.
  • Hai Melissa, tq for inviting me. I hope with this page we can inspired & be inspired.
    Great Job !!! :)
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