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  • Thank you for welcoming me Melissa.
  • Hi, I'm very happy to join this group, I am not much into computers I feel that is waste of my time but I'll be here, Thank you and God bless you and the Angels guide you
  • Hi Melisa, thank you for your message, its great you met your soulmate so quickly. I was trying for over 10 years, and was for ever dissapointed and let down. I did not have the information that is readily available now, so Ive put it out there again. Fingers crossed x
  • HI!
    Thank you so much for your message. It is always good to receive a welcoming message.
    I'll add you as a friend if you don't mind.
    I'm still new at using The Secret, but I hope someday I'll be able to use it fully :)
    I hope you get all you wish and have a great life.
  • hi melissa,
    thanks for the warm welcome.wish u all the best in life now n always.
  • Hi Melissa, thank you for the warm welcome! Being new it is always nice to have people take a moment and include you with what is going on. I really look forward to learning my way around here and getting to know you and others better. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

    Blessings & Dreams Always,
  • What took me to Spain? You mean other than Delta? :)

    Lets just say, I saw through the 9/11 fiasco, Bush nonsense, Iraq Injustice, and all the erosion of civil liberties in the U.S. I'm glad I left when I did..things are getting worse by the day there.

    Left in 2003, not coming back unless the political and banking structure as we know it completely collapses and we start over! With some honesty!

    I love America, and I love Americans, but in order to do what I'm on this planet for I need to be free, I mean really free!

    Spain has a very gentle culture ( well, ouside 3 the main cities.)
    It's like California was in the 1960's!

    I like it!

  • Hi Melissa

    Thank you I am honored ,Your winsome words and positive vibrations speak so loudly.I am looking forward to learning more.Barry Koral and myself will be touring soon .Barry is a motivational speaker ,Farmer, and a radiant heart in the raw food community.With the anticipated release of my New book we are interested in building community and spreading the love frequency.

    We look forward to learning more,


    Eric a.k.a Joaquin Love {walking in love}
  • Thankyou for your welcome Melissa, your energy is great. Looking forward to mastermind with you.

    May you have Peace beyond all understanding
  • Hi Melissa,
    Here's sending a HUGE wave of LOVE & APPRECIATION your way!
    Thanks for the awesome welcome.
    I'm checking out your sites and staying tuned...........
    [oh boy, trying to type and my cat's all\ over the keyboard wanting attention LOL]
    Hugs n Kisses,
    Nat x

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