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  • Hi Melissa,

    Thank you so much for welcoming me to the site. Of course I would love to add you as my friend and hope we can chat about the wonderful things that we create in our lives. Have an incredible week.

    Namaste. xoxo

    Eliza Agudelo
  • Hi Melissa. Is it possible for you to unbefriend me please. I don't know how to do it. Thanks. Kel
  • Thanks for contacting me Melissa !
    Am a very beguinner on this page and still don't know how everything up yet but will try my best to enjoy and learn around !
    I will add you as a friend for sure !
    To hear from you soon
    Take care,
  • Thank you Melissa for the lovely welcome message and your friend request! Can't wait to learn more about you & your LOA manifestations!
  • Thanks so very much for the kind words and the friend invite. I am looking forward to enhancing my life by reaching out to others!
  • Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for the invitation and the warm welcome i feel so much at home already even though i am 24 hours into the community. I`ve just been reading your success story and i am so thrilled by it. I should be making more comments on it later. Otherwise i look forward to interacting and sharing so much in this great community. Thanks

  • Hi Melissa:

    Thank you for the warm welcome and comment since I am quite new here. Hope your week is wonderful and filled with spirit*!

    namaste, purple nova
  • thank you very much!
    that you also have many weeks filled with happiness and light!

    Con felicidad... Ange !
  • Hi, whats the weather like where you are - its wet and windy in the UK.

    Love your page !!! Nice to meet new people
  • Thank u look forward to talking to u
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