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  • Thank you for the warm welcome Melissa.
    The story of your online business sounds cool. I'd like to learn more about it.

    I hope you have a good V-day. ^_^
  • Happy Valentines Day!!
  • Hello Melissa ~

    Girly Comments & Graphics

    May the love that you share today with someone close to you, be dispensed daily to those who may need your beautiful heart at an essential time.
    Blessings always,
  • Hi Melissa! Thanks for a warm welcome. I hope too we get to know each other better! :-) I am very excited to meet wonderful, positive people here. What a blessing!
  • Thank you Melissa, need all the friends I can get. I feel very welcomed and so pleased to be a part of something positive
  • Wow, it sounds like you were having an awesome time! Thanks for the friend invite. I am excited to see where this goes. There's so much stuff I have to sort out and learn about. I'm glad that I found this site. I thought I imagined all the things I've seen.
  • Melissa,
    Thank you for the comment and friends invite.I look forward to further my progress here and hope to help others as well.this is a first for me to join any type of group. I have to say, I'm GRATEFUL for the warm welcomings. sending you a positive thought.HAPPINESS.
  • Hi Melissa, thanks for the friend invite here. Since I joined this group, I haven't ha much time to really look it over yet with all the mailings today and especially in the evenings it seems to pick up so.
    Tell me more about your story or where I can find it...LOL. Sorry, still lost on here.
  • ps. totally agree with you about MLM. gotta be easier ways to manifest than that. so glad you found one.
  • Melissa: So glad to meet you. I like Bob Proctor. He's been around the manifestation block enough times to know all the shortcuts. Michael Beckwith a lovely energy as well. I bet you enjoyed all that experience. I'm enjoying this forum very much. Neva
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