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  • Hi Melissa,

    Where do you live in Arizona? I have a home in Sedona, going back in
    April, can't wait!
  • Melissa,

    Thank you for letting me feel welcome here, I need some positive energy in my life at the moment
  • Hello Melissa xx
  • Red Ribbon
  • thanks....i'm new at this site and have not explored too much....will look forward to connecting....
  • Hello Melissa ~

    The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.
    ~ Chinese Proverb


    If you give your life hopes and dreams, you will find them when you need them.
    If you believe in yourself and the abilities you possess, you will accomplish your goals and feel proud of who you are.
    If you enjoy each and every day and appreciate all that it has to offer, you will be rewarded time and time again with unexpected pleasures.
    It is the way you look at your life that makes all the difference. Your life is a matter of perception; you can search for sunshine behind clouds or look for rain hiding in blue skies.


    Blessings and love,
    Lisa ღ
  • Thank you for the warm welcome - have a blessed day!
  • GodBlessYouMyFriend.gif
  • Thank you Melissa :)

    If the only prayer you ever said in your whole life is THANK YOU, that would suffice!!
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