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  • Hi Melissa,
    As I mentioned to Rickey, right now, I'm just going to sit out on the sidelines and get better acquainted with the website as a whole before jumping in as a contributor. It may be a slow process for a while because I use computers only at the library.

    Peace and Light,

  • Hi Melissa,

    Nice to meet you and yes would love to chat with you on PI.

    I spend a lot of time reading books on LOA and I am new to the Secret and The Power.

    If you have any tips that would help with the manifesting of my desires I would love to hear from you more about that.

    I practice imagination and vision boards and do try to put feelings into my daily affirmations. I guess it takes time.

    Love and Joy
  • Hi, Melissa! Thanks for the welcome and asking me to be a friend. I accept! I'm looking forward to many conversations here...I love this site! I, too, started out with Abraham, and then on to Easy World. Both have already made a big difference in my daily life.. magic! Have a wonderful day... Maia
  • Thanks so much for the welcome message. This site is amazing I love how everyone is so helpful and knowledgeable. Hope you have a wonderful day. Your heart will lead the way....follow it!
  • TYSVM I appreciate your welcome and look forward to learning more with you and others as time progresses. I love Bob Proctor! My first intentional manifestation was using his suggestions. Have a great week and better weekend!
  • Hi, Melissa, hope today is filled with blessings and all good things! I need your help... I'm going through the steps to get started and I can not see where to "Add" you as my friend or accept your friend request... Can you point me in the direction of how to accept you as my Friend on this site? Just in case, here is my direct email address:

    Blessings and Thank you,

  • Thanks for your Friend request a while back. I also sent one to you. I used to live in Phoenix, for many years! ;o)

    Dax Carlisle
  • Hi Melissa,
    Thank you for your lovely welcome. Thats a great photo of you with Deepak. Just finding my way around this fantastic site. I know I will find a lot of useful posts on here and hopefully chat with a lot of great people.
    Big smiles.
  • Thanks... Think i have alot of stuff to learn from you :)
  • Dear Melissa,

    Thank you for your warm welcome and comment on my page.
    I am glad to join this community and meet many people who know the Secret and learn this power.
    Please advise me to become a good member of it.

    Thank you again.
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