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  • hope you had a wonderfully fun day my friend*hugs*
    happy thanks giving Pictures, Images and Photos
  • Michael,
    Thank you for posting the Gratitude Dance on my page. I remember it from the old forum. It makes me smile. Thank you! :)
  • Thanks for posting your Gratitude Dance on my page. It's very similar to my yum yum dance :)
    Anyway, it brought a huge smile to my face and I'm checking out your website now. Did you film it in Victoria, BC?
  • tks michael
  • ..."Thank You Michael!!! That Video was cute...Funny and Enlightening!!!!! I Appreciate You!Have an Awesome Thanksgiving!!!!! With Warmth and Joy.....Abundant Blessings, eileen
  • Thanks.. cute video! I should do the dance every time I get a pet adopted, no? :)
  • Hi Michael - Thanks for the friend add. I Love Your site here~!

    I have a vision to fund a home for women and children in transition.

    What is your vision? I would love to help.
    For a FREE copy of my latest e-Book I Am Betting On You - Go To

    May You and Yours have a Wonderful Thanksgiving,
    ~ Coach Nancy
  • Hi Michael, thanks for the cute video!
    Have a great day!!! - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes
  • Hi Michael, thankyou for the welcome...I am just learning about the site... I loved your video by the way. Gratitude is something that deserves to be celebrate with a dance
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