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  • Hello Dear
    I’d like to introduce myself to you. My name is Marlene Marion and I am an Out of the box Advanced EFT practitioner.

    I created a Free group on this site called

    Advanced EFT Healing Begins NOW,

    that I hope you will check out.

    This is a very powerful and easy to use modality. As we are all Energy, everything is Energy and EFT deals directly with Energy Meridians.

    I work a little out of the box using Meditation, Angels, Intuition, EFT and Intention to give this added power.

    I use video sessions to make healing easy, get started right away this is free from my heart to yours..

    Please Join me and lets have some fun, The Healing Begins NOW isn't about time you worked on you! Here's the link:


    This is just a 7 minute Video and can change your perception on why you have pain, disease, limiting belief’s, and energy blockages.

    Watch this Video on EFTWatch the new EFT video
    Love & Light
  • Thank you SO much for the wonderful comments re my teaching observation & wonderful Abraham Hicks video. Highest mark poss was 1, I got a 2. Have another observation next Tuesday. Love & light & a wonderful weekend to you!
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  • Hi again. Can't find the link to your article that mentions the Bentleys but my first one sort of manifested today, well, in an opt in email list I get part of yesterday's message (I just read it today) said
    "..Coffee, tea, or a brand new Bentley?" It's a start, right? I think I read the article two weeks ago & I've read it twice.
  • Michael Parker that Abe Hicks video you suggested to me (get happy one) is WONDERFUL, PLEASE add it to the Powerful Intentions videos section if you haven't already or I will! It's delicious! Thank you!!
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  • I LOVE reading your posts! You've very wise & insightful, and I wanted to thank you for sharing yourself here! =)
  • Welcome to Law of Fairness Michael Thanks for joining!
  • Thank you for all the wonderful encouragement and help you are giving people here!! You are much appreciated. :-)
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  • Hey, welcome to PI, I am sure you will enjoy the positive vibes here, it's a great place to be.... Please do feel free to stop by my page and enjoy watching my positive affirmations videos, I also have a couple of groups you may find inspirational :)

    ~ There's a great joy in my giving. It's thrilling. It's exhilarating. It's important to be a part of sharing. It is my love. It is my joy. ~

    Wishing you a most magical day!

    Positive regards,
    ~ Inspirational Leader ~ Transformational Mentor ~
    CEO & Founder of Live Your Dream Mentoring
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