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  • love your sound and that angel x
  • Yes Yes Yes! Love this page! Thank you!
  • Thanks Milo For inviting me. May all your dreams be manifested....
  • You know, I've been recieving your daily messages and never checked to see who they were coming from-imagine my surprise to see a brother with so much consciousness - just refreshing ! Thanks for the daily inspiration - blessings !
  • Milo,
    Thanks for the encouraging words!
  • Yo yo yo ...I love the way your music blasts me and lifts me up after reading your message. I'm so happy to be here on your page. thank you!
  • "Not knowing when the dawn will come I open every door" .... Emily Dickinson

    You are, at this moment, standing, right in the middle of your own “acres of diamonds.”
    - Earl Nightingale

    these are some comments that came to mind as i pondered your words .... i appreciate your morning thoughts ... and like wise they have helped me to create a few of my own ..... thank you, thank you thank you .... peace and light back at ya ....
  • You addressed exactly where I have been for a year now ..... feeling stuck and just waiting for something to change but trying to move within that space as best as I can for life to continue as i know it .... Dont you think that not accepting the situation and struggling against it just makes it worse .... thats what i've been doing ...maybe i should just see the beauty in the moment and accept the reality til it moves to where I truly want to be .... ?? but then again i feel like all i do is wait ..... like chicken little for the sky to drop .... lol ... mmmmmmmmm .... but yeah i feel ya .....
  • Hi Milo22, you an EW&F fan? Listening to your music that glorious band came to mind ;-)) Anyways, Be ever wonderful.... Grtz LuckyEric
  • Yeah,I know what you mean.Its happenend to me before.I just get hooked on some phrases from movies and it actually arises from a deep connection from within.Also, I love doing yoga,well almost everyday.It gives me such a high for no reason and I love it.Thank you
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