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  • These are words I found on a page talking about the citing over Alabama:
    Good Day Cheri
    So i see your new to this, well it is sort of complicated if you have never heard of this event before. If you do some research on 2012 the mayan prophecies, excuse the spelling, you can get alot of information that you have to sift through, which i did and came across this Oct. 14, 2008 event.
    There is suppose to be a showing of a large craft to appear in the skies this day but it is not of a negative energy, it is positive. To some it will appear negative, but to people who really know the truth, it is positive. If you have an open mind and are searching for the truth in life, i would suggest to start reading about the mayan prophecies first, then go on YouTube and enter some key words and you will find some videos, find the ones you think resonants with you and walllah...It might open up a whole new world.....
    Wishing you a great day and hope to hear back about your research.
  • I guess you would think it's a sit-in. Oh the good ole days. I meant citing. Today at 2pm Pac time there is suppose to be a "display" of an alien ship somewhere over Alabama. Of all places eh? lol

    And at that time we are all to mediate on peace in the world, love and such things for at least 30 seconds.
  • Hello my friend. Thanks for the wonderful note. That made my day. Yay. I am glad that we have such a positive influence on each other.

    Are you reading about today's siting at, I guess 2:00 for you?

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  • Hi there hun, bright blessing and enjoy the wonderful full moon. *hugs*Have A Wonderful Day Pictures, Images and Photos
  • Hi Paige!
    I read the info on Chinese Face reading...It's as much of an art as graphology and other ways to read people's personalities... Very fascinating! You must have read my face from my pictures and known that I would enjoy this info:-)

    I've read books and articles on body language and neuroliguistic responses (also learned a bit from hypnosis training)... All of it is fascinating to me... It's all about reading between the lines -- whether in print or on faces...

    Thank you for sharing... I'll be looking forward to knowing more and practicing the art of studying facial features... So far, all you wrote seems true for the personalities of the people I know that match their descriptions -- including myself!

    Hugs Back at Ya!
  • Hello MysticPaige,
    I will definitely check out the group, sorry I have not been participating a lot lately. I have been offline for work and school reasons, but I will definitely check out the discussion.

    Your friend,
    Nicole =)
  • I'll definitely stop by there!
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  • Yes that is Obama. It was taken at his birthday party last year BEFORE he decided to run for President. Nice guy. I have seen him speak a few times and I really like him.

    I do run a nature center. It is a 4000 sq foot log cabin in a 640 acre woods. We see 15,000 kids per year on school field trips. I teach all kinds of environmental classes to adults and kids. When I say "I" that means "they" as I have an amazing staff and I NEVER have to teach anymore. Mostly I walk in the woods, take photographs and raise money! I really LOVE this job and have been here alomst 13 years.


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