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  • Aloha.... dear Nick!
    Sending warm wishes and love to you and yours...... to make your day even more magical!!

    Have a wonderful and pleasant weekend!!!!!!

    with Love, Peace and Harmony
  • Thank you for the kind words, Nick~!

    ~***~ Have a great weekend ~***~
    ....with Peace and Care ~ Michael :)

    SILENT POWER ~ Stuart Wilde

  • With awe, love, peace, harmony and grace.
  • Aloha Nico and mahalo for your words, friendship and continue smile in my heart is wonderful how we are in connection when we are in the center of the heart..I just came from three days workshop of Ho´oponopono and prepparing my next trip in Hawaii in the will be pleasant for me if you will be share your experiences from this magical place...sorry for my english(it is not my motter language and the other way i prefer communication without heart, art, through expression myself in action, who I truly are)...wonderful week dear Nick and thank you for a beaing a part of my life.
  • Aloha der Nick and mahalo for your bright presence here..I made light connection with you in Noor page ....your open heart smile brought same smile in my face...I am thankful for who you are and what you are. May magical living the beauty way for endless days...
    P.s. Wonderful pictures, thank you too....
  • Have great week!!!!.....smiles:) and best wishes.

    with Love, Aloha, Peace, Joy and Harmony
  • Aloha dear Nick,
    Hope you are enjoying the beauty around you and this wonderful day.
    On this beautiful day I am sending warm wishes to you, yours and ALL.
    Life is beautiful and I know you feel this. ENJOY!!!!!

    Love, Joy and Harmony

  • Aloha from noor
    with Love, Light and Harmony
  • Havasupai Indian Waterfall Relaxation:

    Thank you, Nick ~!

    A "water feature" for your page, somewhere between a pebble bubble fountain and, say, a virtual Niagara Falls...(tongue-in-cheek)

    Much Love, Light and Joy ~***~
    Michael :)
  • Hi Nick! - Thanks for being my friend - nice to meet you! - Beautiful photos here
    I LOVE Oahu - I lived in Waikiki in the 1970s. Worked for and studied under Dr. Paul Bragg
    Nice to see you on Twitter too -- yes, it takes a while to become accustomed to it, and then many people get addicted!
    I like it because it is so simple to briefly share, and connect with people.
    Have a great weekend!
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