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  • Life is great in my neck of the woods:) The weather is absolutely amazing, summer temperature and ice cream all day:) I've added your new Skype name so I hope it will be working now. Really looking forward to chat with you on there. My weekend was great, no partying or anything, just been getting my tan on:) What's your plans for the summer?
  • Om ,Nicole, join Ashtarcommand and find out which spaceship you're from.
    There in outer space, they know better about chackras than anyone here on earth. Let's say that you're awakening from the "dream" of life and you start remembering why you incarnated on planet earth.
    And remember the NADI of wisdom from your chackra above your head to your spiritual "heart" which IS NOT the chackra of your heart. YOUR HEART BEING TRIPLE.........Take it easy..............
  • We would love you to join our group "My Gratitude Life" and share your gratitude with us.
  • Hi, Nicole, take care of your self and dont work too hard on your chackra because if you're healthy, it shows that they're working good. You can also change food but the most important is to eat light food and eat little.
    What else ? register to "" and discover that you (probably) have a spiritual heart on your right hand side which is linked by a channel(nadi) to the chackra over your head. So instead of pumping up energy through your spine, try to open this channel as it is the nadi of wisdom.........Take it easy..............
  • Hey:) I got your request for adding you to my Skype list, not sure if it's working though. Your Skype name is nikolides79? Mine is livingthelifementoring. So how was your weekend?

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  • Sounds really good! I've been to NY three times and I've stayed at the Park Central Hotel twice. Have you always been living in Manhatten? Add me on Skype if you want, The weather over here is beautiful so I have to head out for a bbq:) Looking forward to speaking more with you!
  • oh you can check out my website if you want,
  • That's really interesting, healer wooow. Where in NY do you live by the way? I work alongside a company called LifePath Unlimited have you heard of them? I'm so glad to be working with so many positive individuals and our products are really life-changing stuff. Tell me more about your healing skills:)
  • Yeah I would love to move to New York, I just love the city! I got into the LOA about three years ago when I first saw The Secret and I've been studying and reading on the subject ever since. Have you heard about the 11 forgotten laws? Very interesting stuff. What do you do for a living Nicole?
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