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  • I simply love the affirmations and messages that you write above this page... specially this one : - "I intend to RIDE THE TIDE of absolute BLISS!! :) ". . . . . every time i read them here, i feel that energy vibrating in YOU.... absolutely incredible...
  • Love you gorgeous!!!!!
  • god_within-4442.gif?width=373

  • Thank you for the friend invite.. I am excited...
  • Thank you for your beautiful comment! :)
    and thank you for accepting my friend request! I'm so happy! Woo! :)

    love, S

  • You just keep getting better and better dont you?!!!
  • Well i just saw that video, of the Laughing Guy, the way he was laughing constantly was quite funny, but i was unable to understand what made him laugh on his own question....if you look at the facial expressions of all those people sitting in that hall, some were trying to figure figure out what is going on and others laughed and joined the fun....:)
  • Hi there P& H! GREAT Page! So bright and sunny! I am loving the energy here!! Isnt it fun to check out other peoples pages and just feel good? LOL! Have a wonderful day. Love, Cheryl xoxo
  • Yes it is an amazing video i was supercharged with a lot of positive energy when i first saw it....
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