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"I have been away. Sense, scents, cents. I'll re-presence my presence from now on."
Mar 3, 2009
Presence replied to Itaya's discussion Shifting from Indigo to Crystal in Indigo Adults
"thanks for this message, you've confirmed everything that I'm going through and my sister has been a huge support with homeopathic remedies...although she was puzzled by the weight I'm not. I'll let her know I read this. Thanks again!…"
May 12, 2008
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"I'm getting frustrated reading all the similarities, it's like, okay, you 've watched me long enough, now get outta my way cause I've got things to create, manifest and abundance to enjoy..this is who I am, I get it. I 'belong' now. I want to do a…"
May 5, 2008
Presence left a comment on Indigo Adults
"Yeah, I've bought quite a few in the past three weeks, malachite, selenite, larimar...before, I only had a I want some more, and I don't know why exactly, and as I read up on makes 'sense' then the rest, I don't care, just let…"
May 3, 2008
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"Thanks for the tunes...they've come in handy!"
May 2, 2008
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"*SIGH* Okay, I've known it and I've been told it on occasion, but where do I go....thank you for adding this group. I've been a LPN for 20 years, hiding out, healing, growing my plants, talking to old folks, healing their wounds, and recently I've…"
May 1, 2008