Princess replied to NibelMia's discussion Changing the nose in Changing Physical Appearance
"OMG! U hv it..can any of u send it across to me as well plzzzzz? patil dot manjiri3 at gmail dot com
Thanks a ton in advance... :) Happy manifestation!"
Jun 10, 2018
Princess replied to kiki Adam's discussion Thinner more upward nose + droopy full cheeks disappearance + Pics :) in Changing Physical Appearance
"Hi Kiki!!
Heartiest congrats for the progress. I read that but couldn't find pics :("
Aug 31, 2017
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"Thanks Saul, that is it what u had responded to Kate...... Whenever one sets an intention & even let go, it reaches to the person involved, but later it's his/her free will whether he/she would like to respond. Again it depends on the energy the…"
Jun 20, 2013
Princess replied to Della Antony's discussion Restoration of faith in God; A marathon for clear skin in Changing Physical Appearance
"Hi Dell. How true is that God has his ways of answering and I too have experienced it many times.... Thanks for sharing this.
N as far as your skin is concerned I'm sure it's just going to get clear n beautiful n will remain so... Amen!"
Jun 12, 2013
Princess left a comment on Changing Physical Appearance
"Absolutely right,rachel. We are here to strengthen our beliefs. Here, no one sitting with a verification system to filter out what is possible n wht not.
The essence is, come here, share your views, read what others have experienced and learn from…"
Apr 4, 2013
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"Pleasure is all mine.....luckily visited ur website to join n got to know that. Consider me in ur fan list! Lots of love n wishes....u r a blessing to world! Take care."
Dec 14, 2012
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"Many happy returns of the day, Mallica!!!"
Dec 11, 2012