Princess7 replied to Pandora's discussion I'm seeing results! in Changing Physical Appearance
"what did you do?"
May 31, 2016
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"Anyone got anything from this?"
Jul 11, 2015
Princess7 replied to Nina V's discussion I completely changed my apperance and went from ugly to gorgeous. My testimony in Changing Physical Appearance
Jul 10, 2015
Princess7 replied to Visualizer's discussion Post a picture of what you want to look like in Changing Physical Appearance
May 13, 2015
Princess7 replied to joline's discussion how will I face people If i ever reach my goal? in Changing Physical Appearance
"im not sure but maybe if you are able to do it you also change your looks in the past?"
Aug 27, 2014
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May 3, 2013
Princess7 left a comment on Attract A New Job
":) I remember this.
sorry that I didnt do much, lol.
At this moment im enjoying my job but improvement is always welcome.
any updates on your job statusses since this group started?
Im curious. :)"
May 3, 2013
Princess7 left a comment for Stranger In Chi-town
"*hug* JUST SAYING HI... and you should be in the chat more often, miss you! Hope you're allright."
Jul 29, 2011