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"One of the best person I have ever met , I had account by some other name i forgot my user id and password and then when i joined back with this id , i 1st searched for her .. She was very very helpful and ofcourse knowledgeable :) Gem of a person u…"
Sep 19, 2016
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"Heyy bro , sorry i was watching crime series ..Missed replying to u ...

Brother i dont believe in signs personally .. and one more thing is that visualizations and affirmations are  a way to build trust and faith so they are not the means to an end…"
Nov 5, 2015
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"hey all_good hi , 
      No i dont have any story i mean the story u r looking for....  because iam too lazy to follow the regimen of visualization , affirmations and all , plus there are too many things(career and all) for me to correct before…"
Nov 4, 2015
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"yeah i do come online if i think i can help someone on that thread of getting ex back  but not a regular "
Nov 2, 2015
Punter replied to supremes's discussion a little overwhelmed :-/ in Changing Physical Appearance
"Visualizing , feeling and believing you have achieved the particular result and forget about it "
Sep 28, 2015
Punter replied to nida hassan's discussion Setting a target of 10 days in Changing Physical Appearance
"Setting targets is not a great thing if you have not mastered( by practicing and practicing) the art of manifesting as it will bred desperation and hence failure.."
Sep 18, 2015