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  • Dear Queen, thank you for befriending me and for the warm welcome!  I look forward to helping you manifest everything that you have selected to receive.  For my part, I am excited about reuniting with my partner of almost 4 years.  We recently took a healthy little break but I have chosen a full reunion to take place in February 2013, with a first meeting on Dec. 28th after a month of no contact.  I'm so sure when I order stuff, that I made a hair and nail appointment for the morning of 12/28 lol!!  LOVE AND LIGHT!!! - Bella

  • Thanks for the friend request and I am so looking forward to connecting and creating with you here.  :) 

  • Thanks for the friend request!


  • Hello QueenHajar I. Akanqi! Thank you for you friendship and kind words. Glad to have connected with you! =)

  • Have You heard of the best selling books on success, "Think & Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill and I know you know, "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne! Their is a missing ingredients that was missing, that the CD series, "Your Wish Is Your Command" by Kevin Trudeau covers. If you would like a introduction CD, on YWIYC, let me know, right here at PI Community. 

    But What Ever You Do, Have Lots Of Fun! "Queen;-]]"

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