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  • Athena!! Thank you for your suggestion :) I actually live in a pretty big city so I may look into that site you mentioned! It is very cool how they have spiritual type groups. There is even one called "Abe Lovers" !!!! I am excited now. Maybe this was just what I needed...thanks again! Have a good night :)

  • Hey there Athena. No I don't remember so obviously not offended in any way :-) We all need to have a moan and sulk every now and then. Thank you for your comments though; you can let go of the negative feelings you have been carrying about it now :-)

  • Athena sorry for not answering you the other day. I had to go. Ill answer to your question as soon as i see you are online :))

  • Thanks for the comment. So glad it encouraged you! I hope it does the same for others and I hope you find him soon <3

  • I would like that Athena. Thank you very much.

  • Hi Goddess

    thanks for your help the other day 

    I am feeling better

    and your page looks amazing



    See what you think about this stuff. I love it.
    I have had it in my home for over 14 years. Great for energy pain and lots of other stuff.

    It also stimulates the Pineal Gland so great for enlightenment too.


    If you try it and dont like it
    money back guarantee. So nothing to loose.

    Here is your linc to the Original Tahitian Noni Juice


    Also feel free to get my wholesale discount cost by calling
    1 800 445 2969 and simply give my ID # 196475 to get your discount!


    Contact me with any questions

    hope to talk soon


  • So you said you had diarised for 3 weeks from today to call him (and be overt). Diarising it now.  Full report back please..... Don't forget - Be overt.  He needs the encouragement plus you have nothing to lose.  NOTHING.  NO THING....

  • Thanks!

  • Thank you for your kind comments, I will look into buying that book you suggested.  I just need something to help me through this really painful time, I have started seeing a counsellor but feel that it's not enough to talk to someone for one hour a week.  There is just so much pain and sadness in the 7 years I have been married, too many things to name.  It isn't fair what happened to us and it destroyed us even though I tried hard to do whatever I could to save it.  He didn't have the same strength and just gave up all too easily.

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