Randy R replied to Lola's discussion Are you an empath? in Indigo Adults
sounds familiar to me.
I have had similar experiences,esp in dreams, but often in the waking state as well.
It is very disconcerting,because it makes you fel like you may be going insane, because i was having
feelings and pains that made no…"
Nov 10, 2011
Randy R replied to the creationist's discussion What's your take on face change and weight loss? in Changing Physical Appearance
"I believe so. My face used to be rather round and I have lost 20-30 lbs and is much more Square."
Oct 17, 2010
Randy R replied to Dlizard's discussion Read this article!!!!! in Indigo Adults
"And we wonder why we are overweight, stressed, depressed and on so many pharmaceuticals? I honestly think this is the greatest problem we face as a world. The earth will heal itself, we will just perish!"
Oct 16, 2010
Randy R replied to Dlizard's discussion Sometimes feel like I come from another planet!!!!! in Indigo Adults
"Oh yeah! I love Star Trek because it seems too familiar:) Seriously though: I have spent so much of the past year (literally) being alone and reflecting and trying to ground myself because so often I have felt like that too."
Sep 22, 2010
Randy R replied to Randy R's discussion Confusing Situation in Indigo Adults
"Thanks Jurgita,
I do practice those things. I just sometimes feel because of the spiritual connections I am rather naieve about "worldly" things. I believe I have my answer from within. Just do not always trust my self (YET). It is good to be…"
Jul 8, 2010
JurgitaBar replied to Randy R's discussion Confusing Situation in Indigo Adults
"Hi, I do know that not all the situations are easy, but what I like to do when I feel confused and lost is... I meditate, relax, spend time in nature and appreciate the things I have... I try to hear that whispering inner voice. So, I'd suggest you…"
Jul 7, 2010
Randy R replied to Mamibeautiful's discussion intense emotional affair in I deserve love
"Sounds like you have become so infatuated with this coworker, you are ready to give up all that is real in your life. Everything you describe in how you are feeling is not love. Love fills you up, does not leave you feeling empty or longing…"
Jul 6, 2010
Randy R replied to Barbie's discussion His Religion has become a problem in I deserve love
"If you are planning a life together, I would think this very important aspect of both your lives would/should have comeup before he popped the question. And if you feel his beliefs are a bunch of crap, and he is not respecting your beliefs, I would…"
Jul 6, 2010
Randy R posted a discussion in Indigo Adults
I am in the midst of a very odd situation. My wife moved out last October. We had some serious losses in our life and she tends to shut down or put up walls. I was just down. Anyhow, she served me with divorce papers several months ago. I hired an…
Jul 5, 2010
Randy R replied to Dlizard's discussion Feeling Like an Outcast Sometimes!!!! in Indigo Adults
"Constantly. I have several friends who are open to this kind of experience. However if you bring it up, they still look at you a little like "REALLY"? I have friends who I have known for 30 + years who I cannot share any of this with. Nor can I…"
Jun 28, 2010
Randy R left a comment on Modern Muse (Rayna's Advanced Coaching / Beginners Welcome)
"Hi Rayna, I have enjoyed following your site, although I have not left any comments lately. I have been involved with a difficult situation and wonder if you have any insight?"
Jun 22, 2010
Randy R left a comment for VibingOM
"Thank you for the song. sorry so late. be well. Who is singing?
Feb 18, 2010
Randy R replied to Barbie's discussion Anyone else having bad headaches and hopeless feelings? in Indigo Adults
"My empathy is with you also. As a few have said , self care is the answer and just get through it. I was going through this for quite some time, it is diminishing now. Lots of rest, meditation accupuncture and massage. It worked to assuage the…"
Feb 16, 2010
Randy R left a comment for Randy R
"Ah today we have another snow storm...at least 6 inches for the 4th weekend in a row..
We are going to have a lot of flooding like last year. Pray for us."
Feb 14, 2010
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"Thanks for the valentine. It is the only one I got this year. Very appreciated."
Feb 14, 2010
Randy R left a comment on Changing Physical Appearance
"Ahh ! The grass seems to be greener..."
Jan 23, 2010