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  • Recuerdo%2Bde%2Bun%2Batardecer.jpg

    I liked this pic :) Sharing it. HOW ARE YOU ROSE?!!

  • Hi Rose!

    Well, taking a moment to look over your profile - Wow! So much has happened!

    Anyway, the storm is over & your What-I-Love-'Bout-Myself list is just plain golden! (Perhaps you can post a more robust version of the list as art at The Enchanted Factory.)

    And a lot is going on, there, too! You'll even find a video featuring raw singing of a new song of mine! *blush*

    I'd love for you to check it out & leave a comment, like old times. ;O)

    Oh, & remember to drop by from time to time. Miss you! 

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  • Hi Rose, Thinking of you and hoping you are safe from the storm and happy. XXXOOO Love, Cheryl

  • AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!! I cant see the pics and the link didnt work so i had to type your name in to come to the story. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! Love and hugs, Cheryl

    ps maybe you can both come have tea with me this year!!!!!

  • congrats rose!!!. im so very happy for you. wish you a lovely life ahead. hope to chat with you sometime. you both look great together. :).

  • Hey Red Rose!

    Adventuresome as ever! 

    You go, Girl! :D

    I'm so happy you're part of The Enchanted Factory, Rose! And - Wow! It's so clear that you're happy. I'm very happy for you! You deserve the best! :D

    As for me, I'm very excited over my quickly developing skills at social network management. The Fairy Dust Club on Facebook is simply exploding! And I was reading some more about Andy Warhol, when I decided - Hey! How 'bout I create an artistic party atmosphere over at PI. I just HAD to do it, and - Wow! The Enchanted Factory is just taking off!

    And, right away, I knew to do things I never really do. Drawing? This isn't even how I ever DO draw! But I just knew what to do. It was 100% inspired action. Not just any old thing, either, but intricate stuff that I just knew to do!

    Hahaha! :P

    It's as though I were in the Matrix movie and downloaded social network management and instantly knew who to invite, what to tell them... For a little brain explosion, back up to the early posts on the comment wall. I quickly decided that certain members of PI (and elsewhere) were art stars, took snippets of text from their profile (or an interview, in one case) and put them up like a poem, and then created an actual (but very rough) poem out of the feeling the snippets gave me. Then, I'd take one line from that set of snippets and use it as the title for one of the forum discussions.


    Hahaha! :D

    It's not that I've never done anything like that, but it was one extremely nuanced such action after another, and people are responding to it all.

    So, I definitely encourage you to go a little crazy, here. (I certainly have!)

    Woo-hoo! ;O)

    Keep lovin' life, Wonderful! :D

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  • Hey Rose!

    You sound so happy! :D


    I'm  glad to see that you've met someone who floats your boat, big-time!

    I also noticed that you're chatting back-and-forth with Karolina, Salome Lond, and Inner Child - all of whom are now members of a sort of hang-out for writers, artists of all kinds, and curiosity seekers called The Enchanted Factory. I started it about three weeks ago and have been getting about two new members a day! Whoa!


    Hahaha! :D

    I'm sure you're VERY busy with your delicious new romance. But I remember you to be a very artistic girl. So, perhaps you'd like to join and contribute some art and comment on some of the art already posted.

    Makes sense to me, anyway.

    What do YOU think? :O)

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  • Do tell!!!! :) :) :)

  • thinking of you Rose!!! ((((((((hugs))))))))

  • so nice to know that :). im good too. maybe go to friends place to watch euro soccer final tonight. wish u a happy weekend!! :).

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