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  • Hi Rickey! Thanks for the add and looking forward to connecting with you in the future too~!

    Love and blessings,
    Adele (^__^)
  • Dear Ricky,
    Thanks for your Greetings !

    Warm Regards,
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  • Rickey, please tell me how your site will work for me if I decide to say yes? Hope much is the cost to sign up? How many hours would it take? I am not one that will network well, I do it to share my writing but not to force others ya know...? It's not my forte...but Am willing to learn from yhou as you have many friends and some may be a testimoney to what you offer. ??? Blessings :) Jackie
  • Thanks for the welcome.
  • Hello Rickey
    Thank you for the request and I too am looking forward to a connection
  • Thank you for your comment and your beautiful friendship. I hope that I can be of a light for you when needed as I hope the rest of this world can be for each other. I am so blessed that you have chosen to awaken and help heal this amazing world by changing YOURSELF...

    The up most love and light hun!
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  • Hello, I dn't spend much time here so don't know to much about it. Love your family, I;ll read your profile.
    Love to all
  • Rickey, thank you so much for the warm welcome message. I did add you as a friend. Hope that your week is going well for you.
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