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  • Thank you Ricky for your kind welcome to this group.

    I really do appreciate it and I hope we can share with each other soon.



  • Thank you for your welcome, glad to be here :)
  • Thank you Rickey for your welcome and wishes and hope to share soon some manifesting with sll of you soon. ;)

  • Thanks Rickey, Merci for your invitation!  ;o) <3

    Have a wonderful day! With your wonderful family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hi Rickey, thank you for your invitation....glad I can start meeting new people here, and ready to learn and share knowledge about LOA. I see that you are from the DFW area. I lived in Texas for 10 years and 3 years in Dallas. I truly miss the great people there and good ol´Texas. It will always be my second home
  • Hi Ricky, nice to meet you, when I get some time I will sort my friends out and check out your page.  Treacy xox
  • Rickey, 

    Like your page. I am going to check out your websites, I am always interested in what people are doing. check out my website as well and feel free to get involved we would love to have you. Keep in touch and if you ever want to head down to Cabo San Lucas let me know.


    Best Regards



  • Hello Ricky ,

    Thanks for your comment .

    I have come to know about the Law Of Attraction by reading the book by Rhonda Byrne . I fully believe in it but I was unable to apply it to every aspect of my life . Would like to ask for your guidance from you on this . Awaiting your reply .

  • Hi Rickey! Thanks alot! I would love to add you as a friend. I just need to figure out how to ;) Have a great day! And if you have time, I would appreciate if you could read my message in the The Secret forum and see if you have any tips for me. Thanks alot! Bless you! :) /J
  • Ricky, Ok, you are going to be my first friend on this site so let's get the vortex turning bigger and bigger with happy feelings.

    Also you seemed blessed with a lovely family, good for you!

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