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  • Thank you for such a beautiful quote...I have always said to others that I was in my journey tyo find myself but this quote is totally right, now I can say that I am in the "journey to creating myself, my life..."Blessings
  • Thanks a lot for your inspiring comment. Love and Peace.
  • Hey Rico. Thanks for the comments and I'll be sure to be using your classifieds soon!
  • cute pictures, is that a jack russell?? I have a 6 year old Jack Russell - great dogs!!
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, a little late! Hope it brings the best for you.

  • Thank you for the comments to my wall. You have a wonderful web-page and I wish you and your daughter the best of everything in 2009.
  • Thanks for the comment on my blog. Bernard Shaw was indeed accurate when he stated that life is not about finding yourself, but rather creating yourself. However, from a spiritual perspective George missed an important point. We may each walk our own path but all those paths lead back to the same common origin. The individuation we appear to have is in fact an illusion. In truth we are separate threads woven together within a common cloth, all spun from the same fiber. What we think of as being our own unique self is in reality only a part of the greater experience of universal consciousness. That being said I'm off to have some green tea, which of course I'll be sharing with everyone else, spiritually speaking of course ;-)
  • Thanks for your comment Rico! That's soooooooo right on for me!

    Enjoy your Sunday!
  • Cool quote!!!! Love your money pictures. Wopuld it be okay if I used them in -- where folks can ge tmoney in their inbox ever day!

    In joyous prosperity, Rita
  • Very profound quote I love it
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