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  • Thank you Rico, I will ;-)
  • Rico, Rico, I am ever so sorry for being inattentive! I see that you have posted messages for me every season, Christmas, New Year, now Easter. Very many thanks. May the PEACE and JOY of Easter be yours! It shows that I have been absent from this site for a while!
    How is your daughter? I'm partial to daughters myself. I have a daughter, 41, and a son, 35 next month. I lost a son, 22 years ago, the subject of my book, SPLENDID.
    My website - still incomplete - is See what you think of it.
  • Hi Rico, Thanks for your lovely Easter greetings. May you and your family also have a joyous Easter!
  • Tanks Rico I wish you the same!
  • Thank you Rico.. Happy Easter to you also.
  • Thanks Rico

    You have a Joyous and Magical Easter to
  • Rico, Happy Easter to you too! Have a lovely time :)
  • Have a very Happy Easter too Rico
    Best wishes
    Mike O
  • Happy Easter/Passover to all. Bill
  • how sweet of you, thanks. Same to you, Rico. Peace be with you.
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