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  • Hi Rosemary,
    Welcome to Powerful Intentions! Hope you'll add me as a friend. :) Looking forward to connecting more in the future and finding out more about you. Feel free to check out my PI page and other sites for pictures and more about my story (Just built a new one with more pictures: ) Hope you've had an amazing weekend and are set for a great week!
    Prosperity & Light,
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  • Please

    Spread the gift that you are – to the gift that you are!!

    Spread the gift that you are – to the gift that others are and around the world as the world needs your love and light now.

    The world needs YOU NOW!!
    Thank you for being here.


    Please join us at the TLC forum, we would be delighted to enjoy your presence.

    Thank you for spreading your light.

    please add me

  • Aloha Rosemary and welcome to the PI family! I hope you enjoy your stay in this crazy place, and feel free to add me as a friend in here and/or Facebook...



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  • Welcome to Powerful Intentions Rosemary! This community of like-minded individuals is awesome and the energy here is amazing!!

    I'd would love to share my Law of Attraction freedom plan with you. Just ask...

    In Peace & Prosperity,

  • Hi Rosemary,

    Thank you for inviting me to be your friend. I have been involved in network marketing for many years but was never successful at it. It just kinda got into my blood, I love the concept of it. I kept going from one company to another thinking it was my fault that I was not successful. I would do everything they would tell me to do but I ended up spending much more money than I ever made.

    I had just quit my last company and was looking for another one that Ii would not spend as much money each month on when I came across the Mentoring For Free program. It says "it's not your fault". Of course, I was interested. I downloaded the ebook "Success in 10 Steps". Wow, what an eye opener. So much information. After reading the ebook and listening to the audios that was provided to me, I had to get involved in this program so I could help other frustrated network marketers, just like me, be successful in this type of business.

    Rosemary, I am sending the link to my ebook "Success in 10 Steps". Download it, read it and it will definitely impact your life.

    To your success,

  • Hello Rosemary,

    You are such a sweetheart, thank you for your kind message. I'm glad we've become friends. I've found that you need to act on your intutition which open the paths before you which are needed to bring your goals and dreams to fruition.. I keep a powerful, clear vision of already achieving my intentions and then I set goals and work daily on achieving them. It seem the right people always show up for me just when I need them.. I'm work towards my goals each day and give thanks for all that I have been blessed wtih. Always remember it's not about the destination it's about enjoying the beautiful journey along the way... :)

    ~ Carol
  • Hello Rosemary!
    thank you so much for the kind words :)
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