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  • There is no little thing to learn, as the the smallest contains the Whole....and Ascenision is a continuum from the smallest to the highest dimension...(My words)
    Thank you for your trueness
    The Truth, I keep deep in my heart for my own enlightement
  • Please

    Spread the gift that you are – to the gift that you are!!

    Spread the gift that you are – to the gift that others are!!

    Spread the gift of light that you are around the world to every person, every animal, every plant and just everything and all the light shall brighten so bright that only LOVE and LIGHT will shine through and the doors of evil shall be sealed forever.

    The world needs your light NOW – Thank you!!

    May I have the pleasure to invite you to TLC – a group of spreading the light and healings to the world. If you have already joined – thank you for bringing the gift that you are. May I ask you to please spread our group around – thank you and

    If you havent joined – we would be happy if you were part of our group – thank you for your participation!!

    A Rose for YOU
    Please shine your light through!!

    The world needs YOU NOW!!
    Thank you for being here.


    Please join me at Creating Abundance and Love!!

    Thank you and please add me

  • Well SK,
    Thanks for your advice, but is not it the full expression of my personal imperfection through the divine perfection of my multidimension? :-)!
    Yes there is a long way to get in touch with my brillance!
    If feel like I'll seriously consider the question...

    Sending you unconditional love and buckets of light

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    Thank you SK for the purity of your Soul and the Brillance fo your Higher a reflection of Mine as we are ALLHuman Angels called to realise our inner Perfection!
    It's great pleasure for me to know more about Osho life

    With my love and light!

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    Thank SK for accepting me as your friend,

    I have been working with Osho Essence till 3 in the morning, anticipating within my heart of hearts the ending of each quote ...As chance doesn't exist, I have to compliment your Flame, your divine Presence for being there just under my eyes at the right time, as a recalibrage of my inner wisdom was needed...
    And Osho with his wise word was the channel to recall me of my light family from all horizons and recall me of Source fundamental wisdom and divine global code.that I HAVE ALWAYS KNOW, as all of us.. beyond the law of attraction thats is only part of the real global TRUTH.
    The path is narrow, very narrow... So little people have this inner understanding to acheive their present life -time...depending of their present commitment for now.
    I am not from this world, but I live with it.
    I walk, I succeed, I learn, I experiment.... I fail and always raise again my flame to advance...All is test, every word, every act, every thought is tested for our advancement...
    May I....may we all, The Human Angels, beyond all our unconscious vanities and human dreams, find the way back HOME as all our previous companions did! Thanks to them, that lead us by example.
    I am sending you my love from the bottom of my heart!
  • Hi S K,
    Welcome to Powerful Intentions! Hope you'll add me as a friend. :) Looking forward to connecting more in the future and finding out more about you. Feel free to visit my page & sites to find out more about me and my journey... complete with pictures. :) Hope had an amazing weekend and are set for a great week!
    Prosperity & Light,

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    Hello SK
    I was happy to visit your page and meet you there. My curiosity took me on your website and I was fortunate to read all those quotes by Osho at this present moment fo my life.
    Could you tell me more about him?
    May you acccept my simple honest love
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    Kathys Comments

    Please read my new blog
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