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  • Thanks so much for your nice comment! It's funny, i feel at times very lost and sad lately, but I see more and more glimpses of what my life can be and actually is - so i'm trying to pass along what i've been learning in hopes that others may benefit :)
  • hi Sameer!!
    how are you? i need to talk with you, but are you away??
  • Sameer, stick around and you will find out more than you want.
    what is the united arab emirates? we need friends from the arab world, and extend our love and light to you :)
  • Thank you for the photo Sameer! - Hope
  • Hi Sameer!
    how are you today? wel i hope you are ok, i'm trying to get out of this negative circel i'm in but i must tell you i find it quitte dificult, but i don't give up and i really need friends around me. But not everyone understands the law of believes in it so that make it's dificult too. Well i hope to read soon from you...

    Have a wonderfull day,
  • your photos are so much inspiting and like atonic to the spirit.
  • Thank you for the comments on my thread someone needs to hear this. I am pleased to have helped motivat people :)
  • Why thank you Sameer! Hope to get to know you well too :)
  • Hey!
    I'm sorry I've seemed so flighty. My computer here kicks me off of the internet all the time, so I'm not even going to try and get on chat while I'm here anymore. But I'm sorry it seems like I just leave randomly! ♥
  • :)
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