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  • hey sameer! just saw ur new profile pic and really liked it :)

  • You are BRILLIANT and I adore you, Sameer XXOO

  • WOW- loved your mind movie! I put up a comment on youtube too.. and esp your pictures and the background music are great! the affirmations feel so powerful!!

    And thanks for liking my videos :)
  • Check out my videos :)

  • Hey Sameer!
    I can't download yahoo messenger - it is blocked on my laptop :(
    I have your gmail address, I am usually online from
    (I think you have my old email address - ... if so, please add my other email :)
    Chat soon x
  • Sending SO MUCH LOVE for an incredible day :) :) You are appreciated my friend & I thank you for being you!

  • there*
  • Hey! I just read your message.... I can not reply on their anymore cos my sister has taken the guest account off.... my account has file sharing and social networking restrictions... so I can only access parts of this website... and can no longer post images or videos.... anyway at least I can still communicate!
    Thanks heaps for the suggestion.... oh by the way, I wanted to ask you that if you have downloaded any good books from utorrent, could you please email them to me? my email is .. thanks, that'd be very much appreciated =) (my torrent is blocked too :(() ... and also, with chat, I can't access chat on PI anymore.... let me know what other chats you use?
This reply was deleted.