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  •  salam,thanks Sameer,i always like to hear new ideas and new discoverings.if we stay within our past and present only,we may spend many sad moments,but believing that future have many happy events helps us to go on.


  • Happy 2012!
  • Wasalam, I am trying to reply to your mail but my internet explorer is not letting me send the message! It is because parts of the website are blocked on my computer now.... as recently mom blocked social networking websites on my laptop... luckily this one is still accessible... anyway here is my reply

    Wa Salaam,

    How u doing?

    Thank you so much for the advice :)

    I can tolerate other negative stuff that runs in my family, & it is not affecting me at the moment... I am actually becoming better at thinking positively in the past few days (excluding what I have mentioned above)..... gratitude is helping me.... and I have noticed some good things happening in other areas of my life after working on paying gratitude.. and giving love... and focusing on loving myself... I am starting all over again ...... but this time I am not giving up...

    However there are some negative stuff that are out of my control... like, every time I get a job, they keep telling me negative things about it...... such as "I don't like this man working with you...." and then they go on about worst case scenarios ... and news... to scare me... and I get very stressed out!

    And I have forgotten that boy lol .. actually he used to tell me how his friends have this habit of dumping girls after 1 month... and it feels cool when the girls keep emailing and calling them LOL and its been 3 weeks and I have not even wasted a single day thinking of calling him or emailing him....... I am actually very happy........... plus he was not what I put up on my soulmate list anyway......

    I haven't been here for a while... my mom hid my charger for a week.... and I was only able to access my hotmail and face book through my phone.... so I am very sorry for the late reply!

    I will keep my page logged on... and I will be able to chat with you often now......
  • hey sam wassup....happy new yaer...n where have you eloped yaar....get back to pi again...we need to talk.....take care buddy....

  • Wishing you an awesome year in 2012, Sameer XXOO

  • OMG I love this song! thank you so much for posting it!
    How u been Sameer?
    there is a lot happening in my life, but I am trying my best to stay positive. The only problem is that my family hardly lets me, their thinking pattern is just too negative... I just don't know how to stay calm... or positive when I am around.... I am trying my best to thinkk positive about them... is there anything else I can do and not get influenced?
    btw I broke up with that guy... and I am VERY happy about it :) he actually broke up with me over a small fight...... and I felt so relieved that moment......
    By the way, I received your message about Awesome in my inbox. omg, what happened? she was such a nice girl! I cant believe it!! :"(
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  • thanks sameer.. it feels nice to be back here gain..
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