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  • Wondering where you are, *hugs*missing you Pictures, Images and Photos
  • How is my dear friend today, thinking about you hun, hope all is well*hugs*
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    i grew up in the mountains of new england and spent much of my time hiking in the woods. i always felt so blessed to be greeted by a deer.

    this morning, a deer greeted me along the roadside. i thanked the universe for such a beautiful start to my day.

    it's my hope that you, too, have found such beauty in your world today.

    love & light,
  • Your welcome Shurely it's my pleasure!!!! You are so kind to me I am just returning the love and friendship. How are you?? Have a good week!!!
    Love Misty.

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    Hi Comments Just saying hi. I am at the library using their computer. I am suppose to get my computer back on Friday. I get my MRI done on the 12th. Take care. Miss talking with you. Have a great week. Hugs
  • Your welcome Shurely it's my pleasure!!! How are you??? Have a good week!!!!
    Love Misty.

  • Hi ya Surely! Sorry to get back to you so late. I took a lil weekend getaway to a hot springs resort.
    You know that day I decide and posted that I shall learn to play the guitar. yeah, so that day i picked up the guitar an sat on chair and held it to get a feel for it, strummed a few chords, then said now what!?? So i got to manifest me some giutar lessons from someone somewhere now=) Isn't that a cute song, yeah i like that cutesy , folky, romantic stuff=)
    How was your wekend?
  • Hello Surely!!!
    I am well, and I have not heard much from Mia lately too. I think she is going through a lot at the moment, she told me a little but I did not pry, I felt it was something she did not really want to talk about. I do hope I hear from her soon too, she has not been on this site a lot lately as well.

    I hope you are well, I thank you for the cute picture you left me, lol it was so cute!!!

    Your friend,
    Nicole =)
  • Surely! I think of you often! The creepy baby picture you posted was hilarious! Keep being the special spirit that you are in the world and on TLC. xoxo, M
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