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  • Oooohhh yeah! Some'a that candy...yum!

    Happy spook-day to you, too!

    Mary Jo
  • So cute, I thought it would make you smile!
  • Hi there Surely thanks hun for stopping in, I am going through somethings right now, so just checking in, listening to my tunes and reading alot to try and change my frame of mind. Glad to see you busy on the boads and such, I sure did miss you my dear friend*hugs*Good night Pictures, Images and Photos
  • Thanks Surely, always there to support me, luv ya.
    Yeah, the guitar lessons, well there going. Not sure if in the right directions but slowly i'll get there. I just taking lil' lessons from the internet and on video for now. My son says,"aaahhh, Mom maybe you should try guitar hero first"( a popular kids video game using a guitar like prop) Not sure what exactly he meant by that.=)
  • s89.gif
    Good Night Comments & Graphics Hope you are doing ok . hugs
  • Had to take my baby melon head off. I have been slammed these last days. I realize that I haven't even gone on to gratitude & love in the last few days which I was being "religious" about. Soon, I'll be back :) xo, M
  • Hello Surely!!!
    It is good to see you back, you are a bit of sunshine on this website. I hope things are improving for you, and I know they are!!!

    I carved pumpkins too, except mine rotted, lol I think I carved them a bit early this year. Oh well....

    Here is a pic I found that made me laugh:

    Happy Halloween!!!

    Nicole =)
  • Thanks Surely for the sweet Halloween wishes!!! How are you??? Have a good day and a great weekend!!!!
    Love you!!!! Misty.

  • Good to see you bring life to our lil' world here again
  • Hello Surely!!!
    How are you? Everyone has been wondering where you are, good to see you back.

    I have also been super busy with work and school, even though I'm really busy I feel great. I'm carving pumpkins and getting ready for Halloween, I love Halloween!!!

    I hope you have a wonderful wonderful night, take care and I hope to talk to you soon!!!

    Your friend,
    Nicole =)
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