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  • Hi Sheila, I wanted to look at your web site, is it possible to view it in english? That would be

    light and blessings,
  • Ja dat is het zeker! Er zijn er volgens mij nog niet zoveel maar wat is niet is kan nog komen ;)

    Liefs Lynsey
  • Thank you for adding me, it is a pleasure to meet you. I hope you have a wonderful fantastic day today, tomorrow and every other day after =)
  • Thanks for adding me!!!
  • Hey dat is leuk!!! Een Hollandse dame.. Super..

    Vroeg me al of of ik mensen uit NL zou vinden.

    Sorry people, just saying that how amazing it is that i've found someone from The Netherlands as well.

    Love it!

    Have an outstanding day
  • One are so very brilliant and wise!!!
  • Hey Sheila...thank you for friends...this is wonderful and a real pleasure...*smile*!
  • Sheila, I am honored to add you as my friend, thank you...

    Love and Light sent your way,
  • Would you please add my check? Thank you.
  • You have a GREAT Profile.....awesome vibes!
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