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  • You have made my day Shembu, thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!!  All my love to you x x x x
  • What on earth did I just send you???  *rolls eyes*  It was meant to be:

    Come check out this site Shembu.  I think you might enjoy it.  I go to work soon but will see your request for membership when I get home in the morning.  Enjoy the rest of your day ~  Bronny  :D

  • Oh I do get that but it doesn't stop me from really being curious - just want to SEE the personality beyond those magical words!  Can't blame me for trying!  



  • Myeeos Comments @
  • And thank you for accepting :-)  Your posts are just so inspiring.....and my "vibrational offerings" have become my focal point.  But seeing as my vibrations seem to have a mind of their own, maybe I should start with reading a book on lion taming to get some tips :-)
  • Just making sure you got the inbox, I keep doing it wrong haha, let me know.
  • Love you............ sooo much appreciation & gratitude for you.................. thank you for your time..........

    You are an amazing teacher too, not many realise how much of a skill it truly is......


    You're Amazing............:-))

  • I'm very thankful for have the privilege of been accept as your friend.

    I like very much what you write and reply on this forum.

    you've a very clear mind about LoA and i hope to learn with you as much as i can.

    My experience is too little and I've too much too learn.


    universal love for you

  • Shembu, if this is out of order I apologise & please delete. I just realised now (when I looked at your profile, you are in London UK too. If you would like to meet some other folks (for free) including me, four other PI members and hopefully about 8 other folks into LOA please let me know. :-) I started a group for London members here at PI and I also widened it to include other Londoners into LOA and we are meeting on Sunday the 16th at the National Theatre in London (Southbank) Would you like to come along? Also would you like me to give you the webpages for the group? Let me know, lovely one, and if this is not your thing that's cool too. Love & light to you & keep being awesome!
  • Just wanted to say a personal huge thank you to you! You're answers to my postings and others have helped me more than you know!


    I feel real progression beginning, and your points have made a big imapct on me!

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