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  • Giant hug coming your way Mat! Happy new year!
  • Mateusz!!! How have you been?!?! Of course I remember you! So nice to see you back!!

  • Lol@ you're "creepy" comment!! I laughed out loud literally!! I was thinking the same!

  • OOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!  HE'S ALIVE!!!!!  WOOOHOOO!!!!  LOL!  Well, 3:30AM isn't a great time for me to talk, but I'm SOOOOOO happy to see you back and hopefully okay!  We MUST figure out sometime when we can chat a while!  I'm sure we BOTH have LOTS to talk about!  I MISS YOU!!!!  :D  Hope to chat with you soon!  Love you, Sweetie!  :) <3


  • Hi, Sweetie!  How are you doing????  It's been a VERY long time since we've talked!  Hope everything is going as "planned"!  :O)  And I hope, more than anything, that you're HAPPY!!!!  

    Send me a message, when you have a few minutes to talk, K?  I'm still waiting for that "update"!!!!  LOL!!!!  

    Love & Hugs!

    Spirit Mom  :O)  <3


  • HEY!  Where'd ya go?  LMAO!!!!!  

    Miss you!  HOpe everything is "otay", LOL, in your world!

    We just got home from Robert's 6th operation!!!!!!  OY VEY, ALREADY!!!!  LOL!  His hip popped out AGAIN, after 7 months of healing.  It's INSANE!!!!  So this time he told the doc to take it ALL OUT!  And he did!  And hopefully he will heal fast, and be able to strengthen his muscles and ligaments enough to get around without much hassle.  He now has no hip socket or femoral bone, so I'm interested to see how he can "manifest" an ability to walk again without a walker, or wheel chair!  He IS DETERMINED, so I KNOW he can do it.  The "process" in getting to this point has been extremely challenging so far, so I'm hoping with this FINAL decision to eliminate ALL the metal in his body, that he can create a LIFE for himself again!

    I'm so tired!  LOL!  Oy!  I'm too old to be doing "everything" myself.  I'm at a time in my life when I need someone to HELP ME!!!!  LOL!  So I'm hoping, now that he's on a "different" road to recovery, that soon, we can start to live our lives together, having FUN for a change!  What a concept, eh????  LOL! 

    So, you were going to tell me what's been happening in YOUR life lately, and I believe that was QUITE a while ago!  :O)  Not putting any pressure on you, but I'd LOVE to hear what's been happening to my "Spirit Kid" for the past year or so!  

    Big hugs and LOTSA LOVE, Matt!!!!  From both of us!  :O) :O)

  • YAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!  HE'S BACK!!!!  WOOOOOTTTT!!!!!!!!!!  LET'S PARTY!!!!!!!  :D


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