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  • Hi friend! Of course i will pass along your message and have her be in touch! I met her in real life finally! She is MORE AMAZING than ever!!

  • Nice to see your message Mat!!! How have you been? :) Fill me in! How's life? How are you doing? Are you happy? Manifesting!?
  • You, fucker! Where have you been?

  • Hi Mat! :):):):):):):) Hope you are having a wonderful 2016!
  • Thank you for the add, it's lovely to connect with you :-)


  • Oh wait!  I see I have another one waiting for me on my email that I haven't read yet!  I'll get back to you when I do!  :D 

  • Hi Matt!  The only message I received was the one you sent on August 10th.....:  "lol I think the beauty is that nothing goes as I planned, and I think I really love that. :) Life knows how much I love mystery, suspense, and the unexpected, so it makes sure that I don't get bored. Hopefully this message reaches you. As well, I hope everything is going wonderful on your end! Shoot me a message sometime. I'll update you on why I've disappeared for so long."

    And I responded to it on the same day.  Did you send another one? 

  • Where ha been Mat!!! How lovely that you dropped by my page! Gotta say it's the best thing that's happened to me all day :) ((((hug)))) Cheryl xxoo
  • Hi Matt!!!!  :O)

    I'm here!  LOL!  Actually, I'm house and dog sitting for a friend in CA for a month while they are on a road trip to Alaska!  It's so great being back here!  Memories!  :O)

    I'm guessing you never got married, as that "was" one of your plans!  LOL!  But, no matter what, I hope you're happy!!!!  That's all that matters in the end. anyway!  Right????  :D

    Robert and I are not living together any more, but we're still BFF's!  LOL!  Too long to explain here.  Let's just say, it was necessary for both of us to continue growing and moving forward.  I'm living alone with my 2 pups, and I'm lovin' it!  I've never, in all my life, EVER lived totally alone.  So I'm finding out I'm actually good company!  LOLOL! Seriously, tho, I am very happy and I'm just doing whatever it is I feel like doing in the moment, which is mostly photography, drawing, watercolor, reading, taking more art classes or just watching a good movie.  

    I would LOVE to chat with you and find out what you've been doing!  I think we've planned on doing this for the past couple of years now!  LMAO!  But I know, it will happen in Divine Time!!!!  :O)

    You take care of you, Kiddo!  Sending lots of Love your way, and a great big "Angel Bubble"!!!!  :O)  AND a great big HUG!!!!  <3 <3 <3 <3


  • Hey you!  LOL!  How are you????  It's been a very long time since we chatted.  I hope your life is going as planned and you are totally and completely happy!  :D

    Mine has had lots of twists and turns and changes, but all good!  :)  Let's chat sometime and share what we've been doing.  I would LOVE to hear from you sometime, if you ever get some free minutes to spare and to share!  :D

    Love you, Matt!  You take care of you!  

    Vicki  ("SM")  :) <3

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