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"I am grateful to be a part of this group. I discovered EFT a few years ago while healing myself and now use it for other issues as well. Here's something els I have found useful ... 30 Day No Complaints Transformation Challenge. It works on…"
Oct 22, 2010
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"Hello Azure!

Thanks for asking. Powerful You! Women's Network is a national organization that holds local monthly chapter meetings (35 chapters in 12 states so far). Our network attracts wonderful, inspiring and collaborative women who gather to…"
Jul 22, 2008
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"Hi Deana,

Your story of manifestation is powerful... thanks for sharing it. You will keep manifesting as long as you keep putting out the intentions!

with gartitude,
Jul 21, 2008
Sue Urda left a comment for Azure
"Hello Azure,

What a beautiful name and I love your beautiful Bentley too! I intend to have a beautiful Bentley convertible one day.

with gratitude,
Jul 21, 2008
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I' grateful to be connected. I looked at your wesbites and thought you might like to know about this.

It is a good place to get the word out about what you are doing as well as create additional…"
Jul 21, 2008
Sue Urda left a comment for Marcy Rubin
"Hi Marcy,
Thanks for shining your light and doing what you do to empower others to live happy and fulfilled lives. Two of my favorite words that I add to my intentions are that they come to me with "grace and ease". I wish you grace and ease in all…"
Jul 21, 2008
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"Hi Marlene,
Thanks for connecting. I used EFT for some physical issues I was experiencing a few months ago. I found a video on YouTube, followed the simple methods taught there, and amazingly the pain and stiffness I was experiencing eased almost…"
Jul 21, 2008
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"Hi Ronald,

Thanks for reaching out. I'm happy to take a look at your articles, although I don't know what help I can be. I am not a professional or published author yet. I will be self-publishing my first book this year.

I saw your website and am…"
Jul 21, 2008