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  • Work At Home Mom, WAHM, Mom Blogger

    I am stopping by to say "hello" :)
    I haven't been here in a while.
    I welcome your friendship :)

    Lea @ Mother Baby Child & Weight Loss Help

  • Hey!
    I'm sorry to hear that life isn't that good. Is your Boss still being a cow? Weird, but I never got any of the messages? Oh wait I did see your name pop up a couple of times, but I thought you were online with someone else? I guess I goofed? lol
  • Sunny,
    Now are you the right Sunny that I tried to add in Facebook? Or did I add the wrong one? Well there were a few Sunny's there so I hope it was you? lol Oh life is ok, I'm back from NY & as I was visiting the hubby for a bit. He's still there but should be back in a few wks. What else...? Oh I have this awesome personal trainer and getting amazing results, of course he KILLS you during your workouts, but I don't mind cuz I love running and intervals and all of that. I'm doing my XMAS shopping btw and very proud of myself too! How about you? How's life?
  • OMG the craziest thing! Well, I went to the gym this morning for my intense workout, and who do I see two bikes down from me, but creepy pervert man!! lol Seriously he was there!! I just looked straight ahead (well you don't want to give these weird people any idea), and he looked the other way too, though I could see he was observing me out of the corner of his eye. Yeah, well can't take the husband with me as he's in NY at the moment, so I'm here trying to stay out of trouble. Threesome as in me, pervert man & the hubby? lol Now there's an idea...not! Howz your day going?
  • You're too funny! lol No remember when I mentioned that I got hit on by creepy guy while hiking? And then you asked me if I went out with him? As if?? ? That's why I'm laughing. No I've been avoiding going hiking to that park cuz I don't feel like running into him., because he was still being very persistent even when I told him I was married.
  • Hey you,
    Oh yeah I just decided to give ol pervert my Not! Well, I can say that I'm doing fabulous & I'm feeling so happy & grateful inside about things. That's good that everything is still working for you. Oh here's my email back to you, or like you said, we can chat in yahoo. Have a fab day!!!
    ta ta
  • SunnyD, I think there's a brand of orange juice by your name? I feel great today! Had lunch with a friend, then went for a power walk hike in the park/woods nearby. The oddest thing happened. Well, if someone smiles or says hi, I;ll do the same. Well, this guy approached me, shook my hand and kissed it, complimented me on my looks, asked me to join him walking in the park (the area that's very secluded btw), I said no I'm married, to which he asked me if I'd like dinner tomorrow instead? Umm thanks but no thanks...Anyway he was old enough to be my father and shorter than me too! Eeks! I think to myself I must have looked bad if I had someone that much older hitting on me. You seem like a very confident guy that I'm surprised you haven't just manifested a gf into your life? Or are you kind of shy
    & expect the girl to do that? No time to meet people? That can be a challenge...
    Anyway need to shower now after my walk.
    ta ta
  • Hi Sunny,

    How have you been doing? Did you go anywhere this summer? Anything new or exciting with you? Well, I kind of made a blooper the other day. I had just finished mopping the floors and thought it was somewhat dry...wrong! I fell flat on my back, hitting the back, head, neck, and smashed my foot right through the wall! I'm ok now except my some soreness...


    Welcome to the site, Sunny D ~!
    Warm Blessings and Be Well...Michael :)" target="_blank">

  • Thank you so much Sunny, I would be honored. I sent you an email. get ahold of me when you like. May your day be filled with sunshine and love.
    Peace and smiles to you
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