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"Hi and thanks for your note. Yes, everytime I come to PI, I get an injection of great vibes!! Always wonderful and encouraging...

Have a great weekend!"
Jun 6, 2009
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"Hi Genevieve!

Thanks for connecting. I look forward to being a part of this community and I am so thrilled to be made aware of this petition to help end poverty for Moms and children around the globe! It is certainly a crisis-- and we should ban…"
Jun 1, 2009
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Thanks for connecting. And thanks for going onto my blog site. I really appreciate your feedback on my posts/articles. I look forward to 'hanging out' here with you & everyone and supporting eachother's endeavors and staying on the…"
Jun 1, 2009
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"Hi there!

Thanks for accepting my invite, and thanks for checking out my blog-- I appreciate you reading some of my posts. Yes, the Daydream Believer identified so perfectly with me because while it's usually used in a negative or mocking fashion,…"
Jun 1, 2009