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  • I am doing ok, I have a few exsams now, so I have to study...but I don't know what's happening to me, it's like I am not interesting in anything, I am very lazy and I don't know how to describe it, in some way I feel empty, I need to do something about that. I have to do something that I love so... I am very sorry for your injury:((( That's the reason more why you should watch this movie. It's a about a boy that is a athlete and he got an accident, doctors said that he couldn't play that anymore and he got it at the end...:)) really it's a great movie :))) I know that you will get better, for sure. :)))Send me a message when you watch movie...

    Sorry for my english I hope that you understood me :))
  • Hey,

    Thought it would be good to create team Vancouver! Powerful intentions local. Hope you had a good thanksgiving!

  • I forgot to tell you it's based upon true story, so that makes movie more
  • I am good, thanks for asking, well yes and no, pretty much everthing is same...
    Happy Thanksgiving day :))) yes, I have and you must see that movie, you can download it from internet... but you have to watch, movie is great...:)))

    Kisses and take care :)))
  • Hey Tat, how are you? We haven't spoken a long time, I hope you are ok:)))
    I wanna ask you something , did you watch a movie Peaceful Warrior?

  • lol.... god knows which threesome ur talking about.... !! but i certainly get wher your heading... if you need me, let me know, i may consider!! lol..... i was so damn pissed today, my supervisor ...god she spoilt my day, i was not able to conc on anything ther after..... but ya watched a nice movie "Shortcut to happiness"..... something to learn.... u might not like it, or may b !! ....
  • Hey Tatiana thanx for mailing :) and how are you doing?
    Im doing fine with LOA , hope it does fine with me too in some kind/'s not so hard to manifest your wishes if you like, but someone said, be careful with what you wish :)) could come true!
    Enjoy the Weekend as well and namaste,peace and love to you :)
  • ha haa.... lol..... good for u, go along with ur husband, he might not come near you...., unles u have other plans :)... i hope i get to hear something interesting next.....
  • " I just decided to give ol pervert my number "--> I was trying to figure out, what u meant by this... after thinking abt this for last 1 hour, I gave up, not able to make any sense out of it.. probably, you might wanna tell me wat u meant.... are u thinking of giving me a call... lol... anyways, talk to u when ur ON.... :)
  • hey.... wazzupp ??? hows life ???? so did u Dine with the Guy who was hitting on you.... !! lol.... life is b.e.a.u.t.i-ful... so njoy it!! what have u been upto??? I have been out of Powerful intentions touch... its been long time since I am seriously thinking or thanking everything in my life or visualizing what I want... but here is the best part, I have not forgotten what I need and its now in built in me like a computer chip is stuck inside the brain... and I am making it happen, certainly getting what I want, (that's what i realised, today.... lol)... anyways, catch ya soon, (facebook id... add me, so we can chat.... lol)
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