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  • Haha.. no such thing as too many!
  • Thanks for the welcome! I just figured out I had a page on this thing.. that's how much of a newbie I am lol. I am really enjoying the site , I don't have a lot of positive people in my life and it's been a blessing to find somewhere that helps me maintain my good vibrations rather than trying to drag me down to their level!
  • Hey Doug -
    Thank you! Looking forward to learning more about you and this community. All the best to you - Happy Easter!!!
  • 9_easter_joyous.gif
  • Nope, sorry it wasn't i that left the Maui comment,
    but we are planning on moving to Kauai :)
  • Thanks Doug for adding me as your friend:)...I am really looking forward to learning alot from this website, from people's experiences and also share some of my thoughts and ideas about the law of attraction!...It has changed me in more ways than one and I would love to know more about getting better at focussing on the positive aspects of life and make it as beautiful as it can get:)
  • Hi Doug!
    Thank you for your welcome note.
  • Doug: Hi! Thanks for your kind welcome to PI. Walk in Beauty, Dennis
  • Hi Doug,
    Thank you so much for your warm welcome. I'm looking forward to being here. Hope you have a awesome day. It will be very nice to get to know you...Smiles.
  • thanks for your comment, anyway a crazy is a safe place to stay and create opportunity to earn more money hehe
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