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  • Tysha,

    Just focus on the two of you,everything else will just fade away.
  • Hello Tysha, nice too meet you : ) , wishing you a beautiful day with love and peace...

  • Put some clothes on and retake the photo...a little common sense can go a long way...geez...Oh..and Lisa..there's an H in CHAOS
  • Tysha, I just received the'email' about deleting you from Peace Church. I haven't been active online lately and when I finally am..............THIS is the kind of 'stuff' I find? Shameful. Why can't people just learn to live and let live? It's so easy to be a cyber bully..........I've a blogspot about that very thing actually and perhaps it's time to share it in other places, as there are also good links in several of the postings on it to combat the kind of nastiness you and Chris have lately been subjected to. My heart and prayers are with you both. Stay strong in your beliefs.
  • There will come a time when there is so much Love in the world that these kinds of attacks will no longer happen. When the love of one becomes the love of all then all things will be at peace.
    George (Ahweh)
    ps. If you have not visited North Eastern Kansas yet please drop us a line maybe we could visit a bit.
  • Dear Tysha,
    This past year, I too have been mugged on the internet so I know exactly how you feel. It's unbelievable! The cruelty of others is amazing to me. All I do know is that negativity is attracted to light, so remain fiirm as Angels sooth you during this unpleasant time and ask God to protect you. I also recomend wearing red jasper at all times so that the negativity will bounce off of you and return back to the individual who has done this to you.
    Love, light and chocolate,
  • Dear Tysha,
    Blessings of love and light to you and Chris and your pet family. May you be safe and this incident be over quickly. May all be restored to normal.
  • Hey Girl...

    The LOVE is pouring your way!!!
    People 'hacking around' often uncover the unexpected... let's ramp up the love and peace and give 'em a BIG SURPRISE!!!

    Thanks for being such a beautiful 'trigger' for and outpouring of Love and Light!!!

    YOU ARE A M A Z I N G and dearly L O V E D!!!!
  • Hello Tysha how are you?

    I hope you're not too upset this kind of thing happens to every Internet Marketer at some point in their life!

    I don't think anyone would have thought it was you anyway!

    I thought you and Chris were brother and sister!

    How hilarious is that!

    Merry christmas and happy new year x

    I hope you make your first second or third million this year!

    Thankyou for all the invites

    Speak soon x
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