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  • Hey Tysha ! Thanks for the request ! Best wishes to you friend ! ;o)
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    manyThanks, dear Tysha T,
    for your kind comment--
    may you know Now/4ever
    that Love fills your Being
    and All-That-Is Real!



    in you is All-
    in you is Being-
    in you is Christ.

    on this Day,
    Eternally Full,
    know that God
    (+ Jesus, too :)
    is the
    Kindest Love

    Now Open
    to this Power
    of who you are.
    Quietly Resonate
    with our Soul of Truth,
    + part Understanding
    the Visceral Wonder
    of this, our Xcstatic
    Youniverse Zoo.

    say Now
    I Am.

    <img src="">

    sweetBeing of Light:
    it is loveAlwayslove2u,

  • and most definitely can't forget the rock n' roll!
  • love your headline!
    glad to meet!
    peace&LOVE always!
  • Hey Tysha,
    Nice Eves to you and your family...

  • For your enlightened soul
  • “The average person does not believe in perfection and
    > therefore never attempts to achieve it. But those of us who
    > do believe in perfection and strive to achieve it become
    > great, successful and almost flawless in what ever the
    > intention, undertaking, skill or endeavor may be. Those
    > people are even looked up to, revered and honored as being
    > special. However, if you truly think about it, we all
    > believe in perfection to some degree in some things and
    > pursue it therein. But you may say, that is not true and no
    > one is perfect. Ask yourself, what things do you enjoy
    > doing, practicing, trying, attempting, pursuing, chasing,
    > creating or dreaming?? Whatever they may be my friend…you
    > are in the process of pursing perfection. The good book does
    > say, “Be ye perfect even as your Father in Heaven is
    > perfect”. We should all know by now that the Kingdom of
    > Heaven is within you. And where the Kingdom of Heaven is
    > ….there is God and all His perfection. You may not be
    > perfect in your eyes. But remember; it is not being perfect
    > but the pursuit of perfection and constantly perfecting what
    > others may think can not be perfected in and around you that
    > will make your life great...full-
    > ….magical…..joyful….creative…..successful…..not
    > only changing your world, but the world around you. In short
    > it will make your life a perfect life lived. Are you looking
    > for your purpose in life? Ask yourself …What can and
    > should be done better in the world for me or others?? What
    > could be perfect if I or others could only
    > ……???.......It doesn’t matter what it is. Think about
    > all the types of entertainers, artists, scientists, authors,
    > activists, scholars, educators, athletes, inventors,
    > adventurers, financiers and enthusiast you applaud. What
    > about the products, foods, drinks, goods and vices you love,
    > enjoy and feel you must have or can not live without. Think
    > of everyone of them……and then think of their competition
    > or opposition. That’s right. Each one claims to be the
    > best. They claim to be…..perfect. And not just
    > perfect…but perfect for you. The beautiful thing is that
    > each year they come out with an updated version of their
    > already perfect version and claim that it is now better than
    > the perfection it was before. And you know what…..not only
    > do we believe it….but we buy into it every time. The
    > question then is this: When are you going to start investing
    > in your own perfection?....your own genius?....your own
    > creativity?.....your own ideals?? I don’t know about you
    > but I’ve got perfecting to do. May God bless the
    > irritable, difficult, maddening, tiring, relentless, hard to
    > handle, hard to please perfectionist. Fore we know that if
    > we could just get it right….one more time…..or do it
    > another way just to see if it works…….it just might & will
    > change the world. When pursuing perfection, you never really
    > fail because seeming failures on the road to perfection are
    > actually side-steps on your journey to success. Whatever you
    > decide that might be. May you have a perfect day & CHRISTMAS”.
    > -g.stewart AKA THE MYSTERY/ life studies-observations
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