Universenaut replied to Anne Lee's discussion Natalie's Technique in Changing Physical Appearance
"Thank you so much! Some days ago I've read about The Thaí's physical changing succes story using The Natalie's technique. And I've tried to find it out there on google, but I didn't find anything hahaha. Then, two or three days later as much, you…"
Dec 9, 2015
Universenaut replied to Tata Gomes's discussion SUccess wih Natalie's techniques in Changing Physical Appearance
"Very inspiring storie, Im so glad for your achievement, and the time is it accomplished!!Im so glad by reading your storie. The Universe is really amazing for giving us everything we want just with our desires and our FAITH, faith is one of the most…"
Nov 23, 2015
Universenaut replied to Maya's discussion So many Successes!!! in Changing Physical Appearance
"Thank you for share your amazing success with us, thank you so much! It's too inspiring!I'm completely new at this, and I have great faith that everything I want will acomplished using LOA, I really love listen success stories as yours.Have a great…"
Oct 31, 2015